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Consumer Bankruptcy

Do not let overwhelming debt destroy your life. No matter the reason you find yourself in debt; job loss, medical bills, student loans, loss of income, credit cards you have the right to the protection that bankruptcy provides. Start rebuilding your financial future today.

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Benefits of Bankruptcy

Do not fear or be embarrassed for considering bankruptcy. The fresh start Bankruptcy provides stops calls from creditors, garnishment of your wages, and allows you to begin rebuilding your credit score. It is possible to achieve a 720 credit score after Bankruptcy.

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Free Consultation

Bankruptcy Attorney, Steven J. Halbert will personally take the time to review your situation without judgment and with understanding. Go over all debt relief options and help you get back on the road to financial stability. Contact Steven J. Halbert today.

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What Type Of Bankruptcy Is Right For Me?

Attorney Steven J. Halbert Can Help You Choose The Type Of Bankruptcy That Is Right For You

Bankruptcy is an option for anyone who is overwhelmed by debt or cannot repay their debts and loans. There are different types of bankruptcy and each type if designed for specific situations. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should first determine which type you should file so you can learn more about it. If you need assistance, contact bankruptcy attorney Steven J. Halbert in Carmel, Indiana.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires the debtor to turn over all of their non-exmpt assets to a trustee who can sell or liquidate them and pay back debtors. Many consumers do not have to turn over many of their assets because they are not valuable enough or they are not legally required to. So, although people often avoid Chapter 7 bankruptcy because they are afraid of losing their assets, it can be helpful in some situations. Typically, Chapter 7 is more suited to debtors with lower incomes who do not own valuable property or assets

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is often the preferred type of bankruptcy for those who qualify, because it involves repaying debts over a reasonable period of time and does not require the debtor to liquidate assets. Most of the time the debts are discharged after the payment period even if they creditors have only been paid a portion of what they were owed. If you can afford to pay back lenders and creditors with a negotiated payment plan, Chapter 13 may be the right option for you.

Bankruptcy Attorney Steven J. Halbert Can Help You File For Bankruptcy In Indiana

The type of bankruptcy for which you should file depends on a lot of things. There are requirements and limits for each type of bankruptcy, and a bankruptcy attorney can explain each type and help you decide which one is right for you. Call Steven J. Halbert in Carmel, Indiana today for all your bankruptcy needs.

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