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Indianapolis Health Issues and Bankruptcy Lawyer

Carmel, Indiana, Medical Bills Attorney

Has a serious illness, expensive hospital stay and surgery wiped you out financially?

Are you considering a consumer bankruptcy filing that would provide a "fresh start" for your Indiana family?

Steven J. Halbert can help.

Steven J. Halbert is a conscientious, caring bankruptcy lawyer who has served the people of Carmel, greater Indianapolis and across the state for almost 25 years. He sympathizes with your health care and financial problems, and does his best to achieve the legal remedy you need.

There has never been a more inopportune time to be ill or hospitalized in the United States. Medical care and health insurance costs have skyrocketed. A catastrophic personal injury or sickness can be equally disastrous for a family's finances. The loss of your job in a time of national recession only compounds your problems. You owe it to yourself, your children and your future to take advantage of federal bankruptcy protections that are gradual, healthful and legal — and designed to help hard-working people just like you.

Don't give in to tempting quick fixes such as debt consolidation scams advertised on TV, or hasty 401(k) cash-outs. Use this toll-free phone number to arrange your free consultation with Steven J. Halbert: 877-412-5209. We welcome your e-mail, fax or overnight messages, and respond to them promptly.

Steven J. Halbert's law office is a debt relief agency dedicated to counseling clients according to federal Bankruptcy Code.

Our law firm always gives you straight answers as to all fees and costs associated with filing for bankruptcy. Our fees are low and there are no gimmicks or hidden charges. Flexible payment plans are available.

When Overwhelming Medical Debt Sends You Into Bankruptcy, Steven J. Halbert Can Help

Unpaid medical bills are considered unsecured debts, which can be discharged, or eliminated, in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Otherwise, you could consider repaying a portion of these debts over time in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Steven J. Halbert carefully examines your finances to determine what type of bankruptcy is right for you and your family. If you do not own a home, your household income is less than the state's median and you qualify via the "means test," Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the correct option. If you have a past-due mortgage and substantial medical and credit card debt, the Chapter 13 choice would be in order.

Regardless of your decision, attorney Halbert will guide you through every phase of the process, and be here for you after you emerge from bankruptcy, to assure fair credit reporting for you as you rebuild your financial life.

Steven J. Halbert works hard to turn this low point in your life to a victory for your future. Contact him today for the initial consultation that could change things for the better.

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For your free consultation with Indianapolis health issues and bankruptcy attorney Steven J. Halbert, call this toll-free number: 877-412-5209.

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