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Indiana Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyer

Indianapolis Bankruptcy Attorney Offers Sound Debt Relief Legal Advice

Are you unhappy in your marriage and failing financially too, due to the national recession?

Are you confused as to which should come first — divorce or the kind of consumer bankruptcy filing that gives you a "fresh start"?

Steven J. Halbert is not a divorce lawyer — but he is a bankruptcy lawyer with almost 25 years of experience in guiding divorcing clients to sound decisions about their finances.

He has successfully counseled individuals and couples whose family law issues are connected to financial distress. His leadership is needed now more than ever, as our struggling economy impacts spouses who want to divorce, but don't think they can afford it.

Many couples in Indiana and the U.S. want to go their separate ways, but find that a legal dissolution of marriage or uncontested divorce may cost too much money — and an expensive contested divorce is simply out of the question.

Contact our Carmel law office today to arrange a free consultation. The toll-free number to call, from wherever you are in the greater Indianapolis area, is 877-412-5209.

Our law firm always gives you straight answers as to all fees and costs associated with filing for bankruptcy. Our fees are low and there are no gimmicks or hidden charges. Flexible payment plans are available.

Steven J. Halbert Has the Facts You Need About Divorce and Bankruptcy in Indiana

If you are considering both divorce and a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, here are some things you should know:

Both spouses are responsible for debt accumulated during the marriage. These debts can be divided, along with property and assets, in the divorce settlement agreement.

If your ex-spouse does not make good on debt repayment obligations, a creditor can come after you.

When one spouse files for bankruptcy, it often sends the other spouse into bankruptcy too.

After divorce, domestic support obligations are not dischargeable during bankruptcy.

For many couples, the bankruptcy should be entered into first — then the divorce. This determination can be made at your initial consultation with Steven J. Halbert.

Our founding attorney listens and learns from what you tell him. He answers your questions honestly and accurately. He addresses your concerns as promptly and professionally as possible. He customizes his representation to suit your unique needs, wishes and goals.

Steven J. Halbert is by your side throughout the bankruptcy legal process — and afterward, when you need an accurate credit report score, to begin rebuilding your credit. Contact him to discuss strategies for coordinating your divorce and bankruptcy options.

Steven J. Halbert's Indiana law firm is a debt relief agency dedicated to counseling clients according to federal Bankruptcy Code.

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Your initial consultation with Steven J. Halbert is free, and so is the phone call: 877-412-5209. You can also reach us by e-mail or fax. Evening appointments are available by request.

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